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What is going on in your house? How do you feel about your wife or husband? Is the ‘chemistry’ that once drove you both crazy for each other still on? Are you as happy as you should be? Are you wondering what in the world happened to your marriage? Are you running on an ‘emotional empty’? Do you feel emotionally disengaged? What got you turned off? Married life is a walk of togetherness but when agreement lacks in that walk, the marital house cannot stand let alone grow or prosper.


There are many couples who feel trapped in miserable marriages and they keep hoping that things will get better: Things don’t get better by hoping, but by looking for the right tools to revive the dream that died in your marriage and make it work to create a unique inspiring story out of all your frustrations.


MBC (Marriage Boot Camp) is a reality and a practical based relationship program whose aim is to help married couples, or those planning to get married, build a happy and fulfilling love relationships. At the MBC, you receive insight on what love and relationships should be about and obtain Godly counsel to help you overcome obstacles in your love life.


We have workshops with sought after speakers, relationship coaches and marriage counsellors that will forever awaken an overwhelming commitment of love to your partner. By the end of the sessions, you discover an incredible and inspiring truth about men and women that will give you a distinctive edge in making your relationship extra ordinary.


MBC will give your relationship the lift to a whole new level of engagement to change your marriage for good.


We look at everything that frustrates women about men and vice versa. We expose the issues that men have but won’t say to their women. We examine ‘The Pillars of Unshakable Marriages' and show you the first ‘two tell signs’ of a relationship that is drifting apart. We deposit into your life, skills and insight that will enable you learn how to win the cooperation of your partner. And you also receive practical tools to help you overcome insurmountable problems in your love life to build an impeccable marriage.


Even if you don’t have a complex love situation right about this time, MBC is for you too. Don't wait till you have an issue to begin looking for help. There are lots of things you can learn right now to ensure that you don’t get disappointed when it is already too late.


Should you be having a situation that requires immediate intervention and the attention of a marriage counsellor, you can reach our in-house marriage counsellor on +254722964230


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