Parenting Institute

Parenting Institute

One of the most challenging and grandest experiences in life is that of being a parent. Parenting is a major project that puts your leadership skills to test for no less than 20 years. It is no way possible to successfully complete that project if you are not intentional, purposeful and deliberate.

Having children however, makes you no more a parent than having a piano makes you a pianist.

As a parent therefore, you need to ask yourself some tough questions: Why did I have children in the first place? How does it feel to be a son or daughter to me? Do I completely understand the primary God given responsibilities I have in shaping the destiny of my children? What do I need in terms of knowledge and skills to make my 20 years project of raising my children a great success?

It is no way possible to successfully complete that project if you are not intentional and deliberate. Sadly, most parents seldom receive any form of education on the IMPORTANCE and the CONSEQUENCES of their PARENTING ACTIONS. Besides providing school fees and the basic life necessities for their children, many fathers and mothers are absolutely CLUELESS on the EXACT SPECIFIC ROLES they ought to play.

To help you become a parent worthy of honour, Parenting Institute gives you an in- depth insight on what RAISING children is truly about and shows you HOW to do it RIGHT. Here is what you can expect to get out of this program:


·         Understanding what RAISING Children is truly about and the major mistakes that many parents make.

·         The home-Life’s First School: Primary qualities in homes and households that produce high achievers in life.

·         The SIX dimensions of Preparing Children for life


·         The TEN most important parenting roles

·         The impact of your personality on children

·         How to gauge how well or otherwise you perform in in these roles MODULE THREE:

·         The specific parenting roles for mothers and specific parenting roles for the fathers

·         The key role that a MOTHER plays in the life of his son and daughter

·         The key role that a FATHER plays in the life of his son and daughter


·         The 7 most critical Lessons that every parent must teach children and HOW to do it

·         How children learn values and the skills to use to impart those values

·         The TWO greatest things you should DO for your children as a parent that will help them for life.


·         The major challenges experienced in raising children in the 21st century.

·         Parenting Digital teenagers.

·         Raising Boys


For details on how to register, please write or call Email: Tel: +254 773 413 419


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