About NAM

Not Ashamed Ministries is a gathering of men and women of all ages, from all walks of life, seeking answers to LIFE’S 5 GREATEST QUESTIONS:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where did I come from?
  3. Why am I here?
  4. What Can I do?
  5. Where am I going?

NAM Mission

NAM provides a TRANSFORMATIONAL inspired message of positivity from sound Biblical teachings to help people DISCOVER their GREATNESS and REACH their POTENTIAL.

Why you need to become a Member of NAM

  1. You get a wonderful opportunity to network with great people, with great ambitions who are doing great things with their lives.
  2. You get to gather plenty of practical ideas that empower you to start believing big about yourself, your gifting, your talents, your potential and your competencies to move your life forward and change your story line.
  3. You are entitled to 20% Discount off on all Stephen Kigwa’s resource materials, books, audio programs, seminars, workshops; Coaching Workshops and Love & Relationship Clinics.
  4. You get a gift kit comprising of a Branded Not Ashamed Polo shirt, pen, a wrist band, and an audio program.
  5. You get up to 50% discount off the entry fee to the life changing monthly Not Ashamed TALKS (NAMTALKS).


Stephen Kigwa hosts a monthly inspirational and life changing event we call NAM-TALKS. It is a forum for people who need personal development, coaching, mentorship, insight and inspiration to expand their lives.

In NAM-TALKS you get empowered with practical ideas to catalyze your dreams to push and move your life forward. You learn how to elevate your sphere of influence; how to enlarge yourself in your career, relationships, life and business to live more usefully, intentionally, responsibly and effectively. You are taught kingdom principles that empower you to have a richer and more meaningful life experience.

For #NAMTALKS happening in your town, keep your eyes locked here for updates on date, time and venue.

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