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In this workshop, Kigwa pulls back the curtain to unveil his wisdom gleaned over the years on exactly what it takes to build a coaching practice.

 “I would love to give people the chance and support they need to go deep inside themselves to find answers to their most important questions and be clear on what they truly want to do in life and create a plan to make their vision a reality.” Stephen Kigwa

In an easy to implement format, Kigwa helps you to ascertain whether you are DESTINED to be a COACH. Irrespective of whether you are a new coach (life coach, self-esteem coach, relationship coach, self-confidence coach, business coach, success coach) who is trying to get a footing in the industry; an established coach who is trying to reach the next level or just curious and intrigued by the idea of coaching, this program is great for all coaches.

If you’re a new coach, you get sound personal advice that will shave years off your learning curve. You learn how to build your coaching practice from scratch; from your home, with little investment; even without a website. You learn how to pinpoint your natural gifts and attributes of what it takes to be an exceptional and a successful Coach: How to find your first coaching client in a surprisingly easy way even if you are a lousy salesperson.

If you’re a veteran coach, you get ideas on what you can do better: What it takes to succeed; how to get from where you are to where you want to be.  Why traditional marketing doesn’t work with coaching and what works instead. The ingredients for building a thriving and successful coaching practice and the reasons why most coaches fail.

This program could change the trajectory of your life forever. To reserve your spot, register and book your seat now.


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