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The greatest gift you can give yourself is the expansion of all the gifts, abilities and talents that you possess. One of the greatest abilities that everyone needs to cultivate throughout life is the ‘ability to share’. Sharing your experiences: Sharing makes you bigger. Unfortunately, you cannot be effective in sharing your story and what life has taught you, if you don’t have the requisite skills to speak and present yourself powerfully in public. Public speaking is one of the most critical skills you need in order to propel yourself forward both socially and professionally.

At the Speakers’ Academy, Kigwa teaches you everything there is to know about what to do while off and on stage; how to capture audience’s attention; setting the mood; making your speech or presentation captivating; the principles of Public Speaking; business presentation skills and what to do to monetize your speaking.

You get practical ideas and instructions that will empower you to fully liberate yourself from the fear of speaking in public. You learn how to turn your hopeful wishes into verbal cash. There is more, you also learn:

  1. How to become more assertive and forceful in advocating your ideas.
  2. How to make powerful presentations.
  3. How to talk fluently-from experience.
  4. How to speak enthusiastically.
  5. How to overcome timidity.
  6. How to attract the favourable attention you need to get ahead.
  7. How to write and publish your signature story.

Your attendance could be the major Game-Changer that will give you a distinction in your public speaking career. To register, please write to us to book your seat.


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