The Climb

The Climb

Irrespective of all your accomplishments in life, your failures and all your regrets, there is a version of you that has never seen the light of day whether you feel like it or not. The grandest error that you can make is to cheat and short change yourself out of life by settling for too little far too early. There is so much that you can draw out of life if you acted with a little more directness and courage than you have used before.

At Life Seminars, we believe that we have a heavenly mandate to help people better themselves in every sphere of life: Spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally, socially, economically and intellectually. Every month, Life Seminars hosts a life changing and impactful seminar we call ‘THE CLIMB’ to get people into the right mental shape to have a distinctive winning edge in life.

If you are serious about activating yourself, re-creating and expanding your life, Awakening the entrepreneur within you; unlocking your greatness; discovering your personal purpose in life; fast tracking your career; living intentionally; attaining your life’s goals; editing your story and amending the errors of your past, this is the forum to attend every last Saturday of the month.

At THE CLIMB, you get to learn wonderful insights that will push you out of your comfort zone, make you see beyond the familiar to move you into a new dimension of living. You are empowered with practical ideas to enlarge yourself in your career, relationships, life and business. You are confronted with powerful purposeful questions that will bring you eyeball to eyeball with yourself to help you start dreaming again, get excited again and re-direct your life in all spheres of your existence: To live more purposefully, usefully, intentionally, responsibly and effectively.

Why You Should Attend THE CLIMB

  • You get a wonderful opportunity to network with great minds who are doing great things with their lives.

  • You get to gather plenty of practical ideas to move your life forward and ignite you to start believing big about yourself, your gifting, your talents, your potential and your competencies to change your story line.

  • You get an opportunity to fortify your personal library with numerous learning resources-books, audio programs, at a much discounted rate that you won’t find anywhere else.

This is an invitation for you to become an active and intentional participant in fashioning your life and the kind of future you would like to have. Attendance is strictly through prior-booking only. To find out when the next CLIMB is happening, Please call or write to us.


Helping people to live usefully, intentionally, responsibly and effectively.


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