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The real challenge for men at 40

Many young men spend a huge chunk of their lives in an attempt to figure out what they are supposed to do with themselves. In the process, they dissipate their energies in useless endeavours. By the time they click forty, the reality dawns on them that they already have lived more than half of their life time.

In their forties, they go through a phase of self-questioning; whether they are in the right track. When they wake up to the glaring facts that they gambled their lives away, they begin to mock their destinies by trying to relive their earlier youthful episodes and the cycle repeats itself in the next half of their lives.

It doesn’t have to be that way! It pains my heart to see promising youthful men let life slip through their hands when they could learn from the mistakes of those who have walked the same journey ahead of them. That is why I authored the book titled “The Maze of Masculinity” to help the generation of men who are below forty.

Get yourself or your man a copy today and educate yourself on how to avoid the pitfalls and learn how to become a man of manners and means. To order your hard copy please contact me. If you prefer an e-version of the book, please buy it from this website at the online shop section.


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