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Intellectual Prostitutes

Every person with a college degree education, irrespective of gender, should regard his education as a calling to sacred duty. S/he should not look at it as a tool to be used for his or her own selfish advancement, but for the betterment of human species. As a matter of factly, no one can exclusively use his divine gift for himself alone and get the best use of it. The man or woman who withholds the giving of himself to mankind does it at his or her peril.

The way to get the most out of ourselves or out of life is not to try to seek for ourselves the highest possible price we can command but in giving ourselves not stingily but magnanimously to our fellow beings. Regardless of your profession, never allow your highest ideals to be stifled and strangled by the never ending scrabble for coins. Whether you make money or lose it, never sacrifice your good name for power, for position or for a dollar. Your greatest wealth is not in how much money you accumulate, or the houses you build, or lands, or stock or bonds. There is something much better than to be a millionaire of money; and that is to be a millionaire of brains, culture, of usefulness to the fellow human beings, a millionaire of your unsoiled reputation.

Any man or woman who instead of using his education to lift his fellow men uses it to bring them down, to mislead, to demoralize is an INTELLECTUAL PROSTITUTE. It is a disgrace to the society for an educated man or woman to botch his work, to use his trained mind and all his powers to ruin the very people he is supposed to help.

There is so much pressure in the 21st century on the trained minds to sell their brains, to transmute their ability into dollars and to PROSTITUTE their education. I am sounding the alarm to caution every educated man and woman against being taken captive by the money madness of the money-god, which most people worship either knowingly or unknowingly.

Any form of education which doesn’t elevate and refine its recipient is a curse instead of a blessing. Every educated man must endeavour to do something better and higher than merely putting money in his wallet. Money making should and must never be compared to man making.

Your education should light up the way for the less fortunate. It must show the world that you have something in you too sacred to be tampered with, something labelled ‘not for sale’. A sacred ‘equity’ that cannot be bought by influence, power, money, or position. Conduct yourself in such a manner that everyone will see that there is something in you that would repel every suggestion that you could be bought or bribed. Regard the mere suggestion of trading your high ideals into dollars as an insult.


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