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As far as your life and your living is concerned, YOU are the most important person alive. Having said that, I will hasten to mention that just being ALIVE is not enough: You have got to be AWAKE and ALERT intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. You have got to be an active participant of your own evolution.

You have got to have an ATTITUDE of inner DETERMINATION, DRIVE and a strong WILL that says ‘despite all the challenges that I currently face, and that I will ever face, I will not resign my life to fate, I will not quit the race, I will not give up on myself and I will stay put till I emerge victorious’. When God sees this kind of determination, He will summon the universe to work in your favour and help you win.

You have ascended into the now moment as a representation of many generations in the past who have and who did triumph over great adversity that would have eliminated the pathway of the genealogy from which you came from. The mere fact that you arrived safely on this side of eternity, is proof undeniable that you have got what it takes to live, experience life and to pass on the button of victory to the generations that will come after you.



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