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Confidence Building Workshop For Teenagers

How stable is your son’s or daughter’s confidence level? There are many young people, most of them teenagers, who struggle a lot with low self-confidence and the unfortunate thing is that most of them may not even be aware of it. Let me show you how to tell if your son or daughter is lacking in Self-Confidence in certain aspects of his/her life:

Does s/he exhibit any nervous behaviour such as avoiding eye contact or speaking quietly when called upon to speak up? Is s/he a shy person? Does s/he find himself/herself at a loss for words when s/he meet new people or hesitant speaking to someone of the opposite gender? Does s/he naturally focus her/his attention on her/his shortcomings, inadequacies and perceived incapability? Does the thought of speaking in public give her/him a sickening feeling of butterflies in the stomach?

If you answered to the affirmative in more than three times, then that is more than enough proof that your son or daughter is low on self-confidence.

Did you know that the most important ingredient in personal success is Self-belief? Did you know that the greatest weakness in human beings is lack of self-confidence? Shyness, timidity and lack of self-confidence can and will strangle your son’s or daughter’s greatness in every line of endeavour and incapacitate her/him from ever being able to reach her/his powers and potentialities.

It doesn't have to be that way: Imagine how different your son or daughter would be with Amazing Self-Confidence. That Shyness, timidity and lack of self-confidence doesn’t have to rule your son/daughter’s life; s/he can overcome all that.

Stephen Kigwa, a well-respected Life Coach and an expert in human capacity development will be hosting a workshop in Nairobi for one week to help young people of ages Fifteen years and above, overcome shyness, timidity and lack of self-confidence. The workshop will start on Monday 12th November at 8:30am-12:30pm through to Friday the 16th November at the Milele Hotel, South C.

Do NOT allow shyness and low self-confidence interfere with your son’s or daughter’s advancement in life. By enrolling her/him into this transformative workshop, you will be helping her/him to completely eliminate all timidity, shyness and negative sensitiveness. We are limiting the number of participants for this workshop in order to enhance individual attention during the session. So if you need your son or daughter to be part of this program, please register them early: Make your booking before 10th November 2018.

  1. Here is what they should expect to learn during the workshop:
  2. How to gain self-faith through Eeffective CONFIDENCE Building Techniques.
  3. They will be given ‘Confidence Vitamins’ to increase their confidence levels and overcome timidity.
  4. How to identify and eradicate Confidence Poison
  5. Step by step practical guide and instructions to empower them to fully liberate themselves from the fear of speaking in public.
  6. How to become more assertive and forceful in expressing their ideas and convictions.
  7. How to assert themselves quite confidently in front of others.
  8. How to identify their God given assignment, packaging and presenting it to the world.
  9. They will be empowered with the requisite skills about presenting themselves with the kind of polish that shows that they can be taken seriously by other people through adhering to the basic rules of etiquette.
  10. They will be taught how to pursue acceptable etiquette dimensions and skills needed most for leading self.
    We will help them identify the key constraints to a healthy self-esteem and assist them in developing the required attitude in order into improve on their overall performance.
  11. They will be assisted to conduct a self-leadership evaluation to identify the temperamental soft spots that interfere with confidence levels and explore on areas to help them improve and increase on their confidence.
  12. They will learn how to tap into their verbal and non-verbal expressiveness.

Call or write to us for assistance on how to register.


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