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Today, I want to speak to my fellow men and particularize my conversation to those above forty; considering that mid-life starts at forty years. It is common knowledge that as we (men) get older, we tend to gain more and more weight regardless of how hard we try to work out to get in shape. Have you been working out at the gym but you don’t seem to get the results you expect? Well, I have some wonderful insights I would like to share with you.

Most men have no clue that as they get older, the secretion of Testosterone hormone decreases while that at the same time, Oestrogen level increases. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for older guys to have higher Oestrogen levels than their wives. That sounds intriguing: Isn’t it? Some years back, I read an article in USA Today and the writer argued that by midlife, a man may have far more Oestrogen than his postmenopausal wife. That is partly the reason why men develop a protruding fat belly.

Just to refresh your memory in case you forgot your high school biology lessons:
Oestrogen is the dominant female hormone that gives women feminine features: Curvy hips, breasts, more fat storage and reduced muscularity. Recently, I spoke to a doctor friend who told me that the major reason for this hike in Oestrogen level in older guys is due to the body's deteriorating hormone production capability. This deterioration translates into lower Testosterone levels in your body every year.

That explains why if you are above forty, you will find it more difficult to get rid of your belly and get in shape, than younger men who are not facing hormonal deterioration. This calls for a different approach in your workouts in order to stay in shape. The first thing you need to focus on is on how to improve your Testosterone (male hormone) production. Here below are a couple of things you should do:

  1. Get rid of the belly fat: Belly fat produces a hormone called Aromatase which turns Testosterone hormone into Oestrogen. Belly fat therefore diminishes Testosterone levels and increases the amount of Oestrogen in your body. Getting rid of belly fat is a real challenge for most men above forty for the simple fact that they are already experiencing low Testosterone hormone levels and high Oestrogen. That means you cannot rid yourself off belly fat with normal diets and exercises.
  2. Include more fatty foods in your diet: This sound somewhat paradoxical, right? As we grow older, one of the biggest dietary mistakes we make is attempting to cut out fats diet completely. What most people don't know is that fat is vital in the production of Testosterone hormone in men. A decline in fat in your diet consequently decreases Testosterone hormone and a rise in the Oestrogen ratio in your body. This should not be construed to mean that you should start consuming high fat foods such as fried chicken or potato chips. Not at all! There are certain good fats you need to eat more of and bad fats you need to avoid.
  3. Remember that as you age, your body's hormone production becomes less effective in balancing itself and therefore, you should avoid workouts that are not designed to balance your hormones. About ninety percent of the workouts we do at the gym do absolutely nothing for your hormones. In fact doing the wrong workouts can put more stress on your body which causes more weight gain.

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